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Door Warning Lights Housing
- VW Door Warning Lights

Door Warning Lights Housing
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Door Warning Lights Housing
Door Warning Lights Housing
Price: US$29.99 US$22.99
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Model: VW Door Warning Lights
Manufacturer: VW OEM

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Door Warning Lights with Connector Housing for Golf V/ VI, jetta V/ VI, Scirocco, EOS, Tiguan, Passat B6, B7.

Tips: Door Panel Clip is very easy to break when Door Panel Removal. Must Buy


Option: 3D LED bulbs

led door warning light

Red/ Hyper white Red/ Warm white Red/ Red


  • 18 Ultra Bright L.E.D. chips. Specially designed for Volkswagen Door Warning Lights
  • [Red/ Hyper white] - One side 6 red color LED another side 12 hyper white color LED 
  • [Red/ Warm white] - One side 6 red color LED another side 12 Warm white color LED
  • [all Red] - Full 18 red color LED



Enable Warning Light Coding (VCDS)

42-Door Elect, Drive > coding 07> software coding (0-8388607): > +64
52-Door Elect, Pass > coding 07> software coding (0-8388607): > +64
62-Door, Rear Left  > coding 07> software coding (0-8388607): > +64
72-Door, Rear Right  > coding 07> software coding (0-8388607): > +64

eg. 0000566 > change to 0000630
eg. 0000144 > change to 0000208


Front door 32pin connector B: 18pin(12v+) and 19pin(Negative), connect 2pin(12+) and 1pin(Negative)

Rear door connector: 14pin(12v+) and 4pin(Negative), connect 2pin(12+) and 1pin(Negative)


For passat Rear door (20pin pug)

Rear door connector: 6pin(positive) and 18pin(Negative), connect 2pin(positive) and 1pin(Negative)