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Footwell Light with Connector Housing
- vw-Footwell Light

Footwell Light with Connector Housing
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Footwell Light with Connector Housing
Price: US$24.99 US$21.99
Availability: In Stock (Typically ships in 1-3 days)
Model: vw-Footwell Light
Manufacturer: VW OEM

Available Options:
Footwell Light:
Upgrade LED Bulds:
Fitted in the footwell postions (Golf V/VI, Jetta, Passat/ Passat CC, R36, scirocco, tiguan, touareg)
Set of 2 for Front (pic) / Set of 4 for Front & Rear
- Footwell Light With Bulb or Upgrade LED Bulds  6 LED Bulbs
- Connector Housing 

The small lenses for accessory lights get lost or broken rather easily.   They fall out and break, making it inconvenient when you need that light the most.  With this replacement from Genuine VW/Audi.

These are factory original bulb housings that fit and function just like the stock units and will give light back to the footwell. With bulb included, this is a simple plug and play operation that will have all the lights in your vehicle operating properly again.


Install Info for Front Footwell Light Housing

Golf VI, Jetta VI, scirocco, tiguan
Electrical System Controller (J519)
connect + B50, - Ground
Coding 09 > 07> 42bit add 1

Golf V, Jetta V, Passat/ Passat CC, R36
Electrical System Controller (J519)
connect + B7, - Ground
Coding 09 > 07> 2bit add 4


PIC: Golf VI Electrical System Controller (J519)


For Rear Footwell Light Housing connection, just connect exiting Front Footwell Light power.