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Auto Driving Light - Upgrade Kit For Golf 7
- ALK - BS1002

Auto Driving Light  - Upgrade Kit For Golf 7
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Auto Driving Light  - Upgrade Kit For Golf 7
Price: US$84.99
Availability: Typically ships in 3-5 days
Model: ALK - BS1002

This Kit include OEM chrome headlight switch (Automatic) ,aftermarket Control Unit and sensor.

For VW Golf 7 Only

Chrome headlight switch
Standard Kit - "5GG 941 431 D XSH"
- automatic driving light, - fog light, - rear fog light - for coming home & leaving home.

Control Unit and sensor Function
- Automatic ON/OFF headlight (Not 
support headlight with DRL)
- Adjust sensor Sensitivity
- Coming Home function default 30 sec turn off headlight.
- Tunnel mode


  • You can turn off the control unit Coming Home function, Setup via MFD Coming Home (Vagcom Coding > 09) (Not 100% support)
  • ON/OFF Tunnel mode (suggest turn ON)
  • Adjust sensor Sensitivity

Installation: Plug-and-play types are easy for DIY, NOT need vagcom coding.

Step 1: Plug-and-play
Step 2: test turn on headlight
Step 3: s/w AUTO cover the sensor after 10 sec., headlight will turn on
Step 4: install sensor under the windshield

Installation Photo